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Thử bảng tính số giờ bơm nước

Of these amounts of air brought to the water by the Hydro-air-ejectors, only 21% is oxygen and the rest nitrogen and other noble gases which are in the atmosphere. Therefore, in calculating the amount of O2 necessary for the total volume of water to be treated, the information on the air provided by the Aerator must be taken into account (1 Submerged Aerator = 2 Hydro-air-ejectors), as well as the number of hours per day that it will function. It must also be taken into account that most of the water transferred to the pond rises through the water to the surface where it evaporates. Therefore it is necessary for the function time of the aerators to be at least 4 times that of the results obtained with the previous data.

Calculadora saferainCalculating the number of hours/day for pond oxygenation

Total pond volume in Liters (Separate decimals with “.”):
Water temperature in Degrees Celsius
Safe-Rain aerators pump power that suits you: 
Time needed for pond aeration* Approximate values.:  hours/ day

Calculation of the volume of water to oxygenate

When determining the number of hours that our floating or submerged aerator must function to oxygenate a pond, we must know the volume of water to be oxygenated. Therefore it is necessary to calculate the surface and depth information of the pond or lake.